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Advice please

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by popeye, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. popeye

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    Feb 12, 2002
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    Hello everyone

    I'm in the process of upgrading my Denon 3801 receiver (Advertised in the classified section) and I'm looking towards buying a separate processor and power amp.
    I presently have a B&W speaker package which concists of the 603's at the front with CDM-CNT centre, DS6 THX Dipoles at the sides and 601's at the back. I also have a Rel accoustics subwoofer.

    The principal role of the equipment is for a dedicated home theatre, so this has to take priority over any two chanel considerations.

    I have recently auditoned the Rotel 1066 & 1075 combo which is in my price range. It's difficult to evaluate kit when in a different enviroment and using unfamilar speakers, but I was very impressed with the Rotel's performance. The sound was open and detailed and in my opinion just boarders on he warmer side of neutral. I was also pleased to hear that the Rotel was a fine performer with two channel music. This is a bonus!
    I've managed to negociate a good price for the rotel. Is there anything else that I should consider before buying? I know that Rotel will be soon replacing the 1066 with a new model. Does anyone know what new features the new model will have?
    It's almost impossible these days to stay ahead of the technology curve, but I don't want to be left with an obsolete model if a new and improved processor is around the corner.

    Any thoughts or advice is most welcome!


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