Advice please - will these pair together well?


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I've got a pair of Mission M33's.
I'm looking to buy a new amp and have heard great things about the NAD c352ct. It's around the right price for me (£250-£300) and seems to be an all-round good buy.

Any advice from anyone :lease: .... is this a good pairing? Or are there better amps in this price range that will sound better with my Missions?

Many thanks for any help you can offer :)


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Try and hear the Rega Brio as well.


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Borrow a NAD from your dealer and try it with your Missions. Only you can tell whether it sounds better than what you've got and only you know what your listening room sounds like.



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Should sound pretty nice - I run a pair of smaller m70s with a C320BEE and the result is a lovely warm, detailed sound with plenty of bass.

Have a listen and see what you think, as RossFlet says.


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I have a C352 which I run with mission M71i's in a stereo setup.I am pleased with the amp but think that I need to upgrade the speakers as this amp deserves speakers further up the chain.

I have not heard the M33's but would probably come to the same conclusion,the NAD is a good amp that needs better speakers than missions low end models.

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