Advice Please - Which Processor on a budget!

Matt Horne

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I am moving towards a pro/power setup and I wanted some advice about which processors to look at for as cheap as possible.

Basically I would like to spend £1000 or under. I am only interested in DD/DTS 5.1 and want to get a quality processor to handle this. Due to the room my system is in I have no interest in all the extended features which are available on the latest models (7.1 / 24/96 etc etc)

So is it possible to get a old model lexicon/meridian/tag/other which would give me great quality on a budget and if so which models should I be looking for and how much should I expect to pay second hand?




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Umm, the problem is there aren't an awful lot of quality processors that were priced at that level new, never mind second hand.

Having said that, Rotel had some decent units that were under a grand, something like the RSP-976 (there's a review of it in the Hardware reviews on here), or you could always try a Cyrus AV5, you can pick these up for under £1000 if you look around and they can be upgraded to include Pro-Logic II which is handy. Having said that, the replacement model, the AV8 could probably be had for around a grand if you twist the dealers arm hard enough and this comes with PLII as standard.

I wouldn't have thought you'd get a Lexicon/Meridian for the same kind of price, but you never know. 2nd hand Tags go for anything from around £1600 and upwards depending on age/spec.

Before I forget, the new Rotel processor (RSP-1066) is available for just under a grand from here , although there are some issues with the firmware and bass management. This is 7.1 capable so has some "bits" you might not need.

A good site that has been mentioned on here before for 2nd hand kit (in addition to the classifieds on here) is:


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For something new at that sort of price consider Cyrus, Rotel, or Roksan Caspian. I doubt you'll find any second hand processor from any of the big players at that sort of price just yet.

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