Advice please re: Panasonic all in ones...



I am new to all this so please excuse me but I have researched and come up with the best options so far being the Panasonic SC-DT310 as I am looking for a decent hi-fi replacement as well as a good all round DVD player. However, it is a touch more than what I wanted to pay, the cheapest I can find is £320.

I hunted around and have found a Panasonic SC-DT300 far cheaper, and the main difference I can see is that it isn't 5.1, is this gonna make a load of difference to me as I will be using it more for music playback???

My other option was the JVC THA75.... But prefer the Panasonic because of the larger front speakers....

Any advice please especially seeing as I can pick up the SC-DT300 for £200, its looking pretty cheap!!

(Sad I know spending my Saturday night researching this - guess this is what happens when you have kids!!)
Thanks for the mega quick reply!!

Around £250 - will stretch to £300 for something awesome. I am struggling for space so can't make room for a decent hi-fi you see!

Music i.e. cd's, mp3's, maybe dvd audio, some dvd films, I was going to get an X-box and a good speaker system but decided against it on the grounds that I will never have time to play any games!!!
Thanks for the help, I guess I'll go research separates now, was just being lazy I suppose!!!
Well I don't live too far from one of their stores either, so yes will be worth me checking it out. I already have an old Scan DVD player, its a few years old but does everything including MP3's and is MR so I guess I could still use this for now and hook it up to an AMP and some half decent speakers... Even though it is very ugly looking now :)

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