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Hi there, I'd really appreciate some clarification on a few points as everywhere I look Im getting conflicting information on the Panasonic range of Plasmas.
After much debate Ive decided on 42" instead of 50" (out of budget unfortunately), and I dont need/want the onboard speakers/tuner so have ruled out the PA20 model.

So I thought I was left with the PW6 until I realised its not as simple as that.
Panasonic's site http://www.panasonic-europe.com/tau/default.asp?lang=en
list 2 models, the PW6 and the PHW6, the difference seems to be the resolution, 1024x768 on the H variety and I believe 852x480 on the non H variety.

However when you go to Panasonic's UK site http://www.panasonic.co.uk/plasma-tv/index.htm
the H variety is not even listed (except in the 50" versions) and most retailer websites only talk about the PW6 model. The Panasonic sites list the contrast ratio as 3000:1 but im assured by other people and websites etc that it's 4000:1. Unusual for a manufacturer to down sell their product????

Confusing matters further I found the following review site
which lists the PW6 resolution as 852x680????

Then finally I found Nexnix site
which is the only retailer site Ive seen that differentiates between the two models and with stunning price differences (£1979 for the PWD6 and £3200 for the PHD6, both plus VAT). Notice also how they add the D suffix to both product descriptions.

Can anyone set me straight on all this? Nexnix only appear to stock the black version, and with the model numbering being slightly different do you think these are some sort of dodgy grey import? £1979 to include a Video board and wallmount seems unbelieveably cheap to me. Has anyone bought stuff from this company? Are they sound?

Sorry for all the questions but Im on the verge of spending a lot of money that I cannot afford to lose and obviously want to make the right choices. Your advice and shared experiences are appreciated.

Joe Fernand

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Don't know them personally but the NexNix boys get a good write up from many on the Forums.

Possibly a bit more research first before you throw such choice language into your first post: some folk may take offence :)

I guess Mr Manufacturing Manager at Panasonic in Japan will tell you how much more expensive those extra 377,472 pixels on the HD unit cost to produce over the cost of the SD unit.

The HD units are a fair bit more expensive than the SD units as:
One - they are more costly to produce.
Two - they sell in far fewer numbers than the SD unit.

Panasonic Consumer UK who supply the TH-42PW6B (Silver) SD display don't bring the HD unit into the UK so you wont see it available in the UK unless its a grey import.

Panasonic Business Systems UK do bring both the TH-42PWD6BX (Charcoal) SD Display and the TH-42PHD6BX (Charcoal) HD Display into the UK and a few dealers like myself do promote both units; though many dealers don't bother with the HD unit.

BX in the model numbering denotes its B - UK stock and X - not factory fitted with a video card; they come packed separately and you or your dealer need to fit any boards you choose to purchase.

SD vs. HD many opinions on this one - many feel the SD unit is more than adequate for current sources such as DVD and SKY and just about adequate for the odd bit of PC gaming or web surfing.

If your looking ahead to HD sources such as HD DVD players and HD set tops and do want to use your PC a lot then the HD units makes more sense - though you are looking at near £3.5K for the HD unit.

If you want literature please drop me a note.

Best regards


PS The web site with the 852x680 resolution is wrong - the SD units are 852x480.


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choice language?????? Im confused? But then it is late so I will probabaly get your point when I wake up in the morning.

Anyway, thanks Joe for the speedy reply and all the info...clearly someone who is well informed. So I think youve cleared up the HD versus SD issue for me. Based on price alone I think the HD unit is out of my reach.

Just to clarify on the model that Nexnix are supplying....so youre saying this is a Business model only available in Charcoal? Does it differ in any other way or can I assume everything that is said in a review of the PW6 will apply to this model too bar the colour of course? And what does the additional D in the model number denote????

And I just relised that the review I referred to was actually on this site!! Ive only just realised, Ive got so many browser windows open with reviews and stuff I got a little confused to say the least!

Thanks for your time.


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Actually can I ask another question?

Im thinking of also buying the Sony RDR-GX7 recordable DVD which has component video out apparently. Would I be right in saying that the correct video board I need to purchase for the Plasma is the TY-42TM6Z????

Its just that the NexNix offer includes the TY-42TM6Y (or the TY-42TM6TB Scart board) which is Component/Composite (and I'll admit Im not entirely sure what that means) which appears to use 2 of the 3 available slots. Since I also need to connect an XBOX and Sky Digibox I guess this will leave me a slot short as I will need 2 RGB Scart boards as well?

Am I right? Or missing the point? Should I order the Plasma with a Free TY-42TM6TB Scart and then order an additional Scart and a TY-42TM6Z for the DVD?

Or, I suppose if Im going DVD recordable the Sky box would plug directly into the DVD meaning I only need two sockets on the Plasma???? It's doing my head in.

And finally, is there any way of just having one lead going to the screen and some sort of external board with all the connectors on? Im going to mount this on the wall like a painting and have nightmarish visions of a spaghetti like maze of cables hanging down from underneath it and straggling down the wall!!! Not very elegant.

Joe Fernand

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Most of the PWD6 and PHD6 we supply into the Home Theatre market go out with one or no additional cards.

01. If you do have an external selector or processor and all of your video signals are 'same type' or 'converted' to same type then you may not require any additional video boards.

02. The HD15 VGA socket is also compatible with Component (YUV) video - so if not being used for a PC this may be all you require.

03. If you do require a PC input is it Analogue VGA (HD15) or Digital (DVI) - which ever it is or will be you can slot in the appropriate card.

04. If you don't have an external selector and you do have different type video signals then the TY-42TM6YB card makes sense; as you say its a Twin Slot card though it does offer RGB or YUV Component + S-Video + Composite.

05. External Switcher - plenty of 'low cost' switches available if you have all 'same type' input signals; we supply Zektor YUV switches for example if you have all YUV or RGB Component signals.

06. AV Receiver - many folk use there AV Receiver to pre select 'same type' or 'different type' video signals.

07. AV Receiver UP-Conversion - some AV Receivers now offer the ability to convert Composite and S-Video signals to Component YUV so you only then need one connection to the Plasma; not the absolute purist way of doing things but more than adequate if your S-Video and Composite sources are deemed 'secondary' sources.

08. External Scaler - if you want to bring together different type signals and want to ensure your seeing everything optimised for your display then we (and others) supply a range of external video processors that start at about £800.00 and can make a BIG difference to the image you see on screen with all of your sources.

09. VGA or DVI pass through - many of the scalers have a PC pass through feature so you can achieve your 'single cable' installation even if your mixing PC and Video sources.

Drop me a note if you want more detailed info on any of the above.

Best regards


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