Advice Please on Speaker Switch Box!

Matt Horne

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Currently I have a 7 channel Av amp which I am using 5 channels.

I have the extra speakers for 7.1 but I am having no luck getting them installed in the front room (WAF at a all time low!)

So I had the idea of keeping the extra 2 channels on stands and pluggin them into my amp when the need arises (also means I have have a 2 channel setup elsewhere)

Problem is to do this I would have to unhook my current rears (which would become the centre rears) and swap them over each time I wanted 7.1 As my speakers are screwed into the amp (Onkyo does not take banana plugs) this would be a painful process each time.

So does there exists a switch box which would let me connect both sets of rears and switch them over between my 2 channels on my amp ? I have looked around on the web but all I could find was switch boxes which allowed more than one set of speakers linking to a single stereo amp?

If this does not exist I thought about building my own using 2 sets of these :

http://www.qed.co.uk/acc/wallmount.html (the WM11's)

and some speaker cable to wire the points to my amp, then all I have to do is swap over banana plugs when I setup my 7.1 speakers (and re-calibrate of course :) )

Anyone know then a nice box I could mount the wallmounts in to keep it all tidy ? (or preferably a pre-built solution ?)


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