Advice please on possible Power Amp upgrade


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I am a newbie to the marvellous world of av upgrades and would appreciate any advice on a possible upgrade.

My current setup is a Cambridge Azur 540C cd player into a Cambridge Azur 540 R intigrated amp into Monitor Audio BR2 speakers.

I use the setup to listen to music only and am wondering if a power amp would give me any significant benefit or if I would be better off looking at improving my cd player.

If the addtion of a power amp is the way to go I would be grateful of any recommendations or pointers as to which ones to consider (no problem with second hand kit recemmendations).

My budget would be c£300




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I have a 540r and Monitor Audio GR10's and felt that they needed a bit more power I bought a Behringer A500 power amp 160 wpc new for £120.00 the difference it made was quite significant tighter base and a lot more grip and control there is a huge thread on them here
I might be wrong but for the money I think you will struggle to better them you could even buy 2 bridge them and get a whopping 360 wpc and still have change
Just noticed threads on here for them as well :suicide:


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richrpd - Thanks for the reply, you're a gentleman :thumbsup: .

I will go and read up on the Behringer.

All the Best


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