Advice please on my next HD amp upgrade


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I currently have a Pioneer AX3 which I am looking to upgrade to a full HD Amp. I have read various reviews on the following amps:-

Pioneer VSX919AHK
Denon AVR1910
Yamaha RXV765

I would be grateful if anybody could point me in the right direction as to which one of the above amps or any others that you may be aware of (within a price range of approximately £400) that would best suit my current system which consists of:-

KEF 2005.1 Speakers
REL Quake Subwoofer
Panasonic BD35 Blu Ray
Virgin V+ Box
Panasonic 42G10B Plasma



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Hi, I upgraded from the Pioneer AX3 to a Yamaha RXV-3800. The main reason I upgraded was to get HDMI and HD sound codecs. I was impressed with the Yamaha but to be honest it was not massively better than the Pioneer.
The Yamaha was a bit better with stereo and sounded good with movies too.
However it made me realise how good the AX3 was.
The Yamaha developed a fault after about 1 year and I got my money back. I am back to using my AX3. I plan to upgrade it next year for something like the Yammaha Z7 or possibly an Arcam.
I think you will need to look higher up the price range to better the sound of the AX3.
If it was me and I was looking for a like for like replacement I would look at the Yammaha RXV-1900. Or upgrade to the Yammaha RXV-3900.
I would think that the Pioner equivalent maybe the LX-52.
regards stasis.


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Of the 3 you mention the Denon is probably the best and should be a good match for your Kef speakers. Probably worth a demo just to make sure you will be happy with the sound.


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Thanks for your thoughts,I am leaning towards the denon 3210 as the yamahas are above my price range,having spoken to sales staff at my local hi fi store they have thrown the onkyo sr707 into the equation as they said it is as good as the denon 3210 and costs £100 less than the denon,again your opinions are welcome

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