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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Supersonic, Feb 17, 2005.

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    Having just bought the house next door (which we'll adjoin to our existing one), I now have a whole lounge to put my home cinema kit into. I'm thinking of buying the AE Evo 3B surround speaker package, as at the moment I have a mixed-bag setup (Denon 2805, 2x Acoustic Solutions floorstanders, 2x Tannoy Mercury MX-R surrounds with a Tannoy MX-C centre and no sub).

    I read quite a lot of opinion that the Evo 3Bs would go well with the Denon AVR, so I'm pretty sure they'll be ok - at least they're on my shortlist for a demo.

    My question is about the size of the room (4.5m by 4m) - is this too small for the Evo 3B's? I'm not sure if dealers will do a home demo of that speaker set - they're not exactly super-high-end after all - and am worried they'll be too much, or maybe even too little?!

    An alternative would be to get hold of some Tannoy Mx4s and a sub to match the three others - but I can't find these on the net anywhere as they're old models now, and the same query above still applies.

    Any thoughts about the 3Bs?

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