Advice please!!! for Tosh 32zt29b problem!

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by John-D, Jan 8, 2003.

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    Right, quick update I bought the above TV, and had a prob with the picture showing a left to right slope. I called the service man and cleared the speakers from the front of the room.

    OK, my TV's left to right drop is b'coz of the magnetic pull, not of the Earth, but my B&W speakers. When you take them away, the set then has the correct horizontal shape.

    Problem 1, no matter where, or how far away from the side of the set i put them (even on my side walls), the screen without magnetic bleed, still drops down.

    Problem 2, when using a magnetically shielded speaker at the side of the set, tho' there's no bleed when the speaker is close to the set, it still slopes down from left to right.

    Problem 3, when putting my CC6 centre on top of the set, again, no bleed, but set still drops down from left to right, but at random.

    This is driving me nuts. I was gonna buy some THX speakers for their shielding, but really can't see the point now. The 32" set really needs the tilt control. I'm gonna get back on to the shop and ask if I can exchange the set, for something more "home cinema friendly".

    1, Do you think that the shop will change the set?

    2, If they don't want too, will they change their minds, if I put the money I was gonna use for the KEF THX left and rights, towards a better TV set? Maybe a Rear-Projection one.

    Any advice will be welcomed. Save making a fool of myself, when I ask them. The shop has a 28 day money back offer, but only if the set's faulty. But seeing i need a tilt control, would this be in my favour?

    Sorry for the long winded thread, but need good advice.

    Cheers all,

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