Advice & opinion please ( Denon AVR-X6200W or Yamaha RX-A3050)


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Hello guys ..
am new in audio field, i would like to get some advises.

I have a room (550cm X 550cm) and i have wired the room to be ( 7.2.4 ) ATMOS , i bought speakers from the XTZ sound, below the links of all the speakers i have bought.

3X Front ( L/C/R ) M6
2X Surround ( L/R ) S5
2X Surround back ( L/R ) S5
4X ATMOS ( front L/R ) & ( back L/R ) S2 Atmosphere

For now am only using 1 SUB so its ( 7.1.4 )

I would like to buy a receiver but am kinda confused which is the best for my speakers .

am confused between those receivers.
1. Denon AVR-X6200W ( $2128)
2. Yamaha RX-A3050 ( $1755)

I will never use this for music .

I have question always in my mind.

Do i need Amplifier? at least for the Front speakers L/C/R ? if yes which one you recommend me .

thank you in advance :)


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I'd suggest the Denon because of the Audassy xt 32.It performs well especially when using 2 sub.


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If HDMI pass through is important to you, Yamaha's implementation is much better (you can select the source to pass through when the unit is in standby instead of a pre-defined source).

Yamaha also retain Dolby ProLogic 2X cinema and music modes while Denon does not.

Yamaha’s network control app is also considerably better than Denon's.

I had Denon AV amps for years until 1 month ago when I bought the Yamaha RX-A3050, and I'm very pleased with it.

Denon models sound a bit warmer, but Yamaha sounds more open while retaining warmth that is missing from other makes.

I would vote Yamaha...but then I don't use room EQ, so although I acknowledge Audessey is probably better than YPAU, neither interest me.
If room EQ matters than Denon might be better.
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If the Marantz 7010 is available to you cheaper than either of these I would consider that as an alternative.

I run XTZ M6 with MK surrounds and heights and the Marantz goes very well with them I think the Yammy YPAO is not as good as XT32. The 7010 is £400 cheaper over here than the Denon 6200 and there is nothing in the performance over the 7010.

If you like to listen at loud volumes over -10db I would get a power amp as the XTZ are 4 Ohm and like the extra power to make them shine. I run my LCR and wides off the Rotel 1075 5 ch amp and use the internal amps to power the surrounds and height channels.


I'm very probably going to pull the trigger on a 6200 because of an offer I can't possibly refuse. But I'm finding it difficult to find any reviews or members who own the player. Offer on the table is £1049 with a trade in on a Denon player which gets very very little use in the bedroom.


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Both good receivers. I think the Marantz as nice as it is, is perhaps better for music but since using exclusively for movies I think Jules covers them both quite well. Yes audessy is probably better than the yams ypao but I don't really think they do an awful lot anyway though are good for setting initial levels and distances up. It's a personal thing I think. So I would go on price, warranty and build quality as apart from the points jules mentions above most other features are pretty similar. Both are good though.

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