Advice on which HD plasma to buy out of 4 please help


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Hi all
Been reading alot on these forums the past few days and more i read more i'm not sure what to go for.

Been looking in comet , dixons ect to get a idea what things look like and what connections they have on them.

First off i'll be running sky+ and a dvd player to the plasma. So i need a Component video connection and a scrat RGB connection. Also i will be needing in the future either a DVI or HDMI connection.

The HD plasma's i'm looking at are :-

Samsung PS42S5HX
Hitachi 42PD6600
Philips 42PF7520D
Hitachi 42PD7200 ( little more than i can afford)

I've read good things and bad things about all on this forum. The Hitachi 42PD7200 looks the best but i don't really need the motor stand. So thats one reason i was looking at the Hitachi 42PD6600. Both the Samsung PS42S5HX and the Philips 42PF7520D look very good for the money. But i've read a few people aren't happy with the picture on the Samsung PS42S5HX?

Another thing that has me a really confused is the res of the screen am i right in thinking higher the number the better picture?
Take the Hitachi thats 1024 x 1024 so surely thats a better picture than the Samsung PS42S5HX that only has 1024 x 768 ??? :confused:

Really need some advice and opions please people. As i'm about ripping my heair out at what to go for :rolleyes:

Thanks ...


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pixels arent everything. a standard def panasonic pw8 would beat the samsung on standard def and give it a good run for its money on HD (from normal viewing distances), in my opinion.

however i see the need for HD with sky/hd dvd/consoles just round the corner.

The Hitachi is an Alis panel, basically its two 1024x512 panels criss-crossed together (interlaced) and one set is lit (i.e. all the odd lines) and then the other set are lit (i.e. all the even lines). It allows higher resolution at lower prices, but some argue its not suited to video, and is slightly related to the way CRTs work, rather than the traditional plasma "progressive" (all lines of pixels updated in the same cycle).

You really need a demo, as you may love ALIS, you may hate it. i think theres a special offer for the model up from the Philips you listed (which makes it around the same price), check the plasma forum for that.


I'd bush the boat out (its your main TV so make the right choice) and opt for the Hitachi 42PD7200, i dont care if it is an Alis panel my eyes dont lie its a cracking picture and HD material looks jaw dropping :) not looked back since my purchase.


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Yeah i do like the 7200 just wish i could get it cheaper than £1900 or so.
Looked at the philips and samsung and they both looked very good to be honest i couldn't tell much of a difference between any of them.


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I would say non of them, if you are going to Hitachi 7200 money then look at the panasonic range and Pioneer.

The samsung is the worst plasma I have seen, and the Hitachi is not alot better. Forget specs, read the posts on here, I slagged off the Samsung after playing with a mates set and got absolutely hammered from it on the forum, but, I then got about 30 private messages from owners who totally agree and who said they feel sick after spending the money they have on it.
The same thing happened with the Hitachi, pointed out why I didn't like it and in detail, not just "it's crap" but actually wrote down why it's crap, and again I got slated from one or two people, but I did get a load of private messages again from owners who totally agree and wish they had spent the money elsewhere.

A demo in a shop will tell you nothing I am afraid, they will all look pretty much the same, you will only notice the plasmas weak points when you get it home, and by then it may be too late.


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I was refering to the 6600 above when I said it was crap, before I upset anyone. ;)


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I would personally go with a Panny PW8, it comes with component, s-video/composite and a wall bracket or stand (plus 4 years warranty I think it is?) for £1295.
You can then add hdmi and a scart input for another £150 if you need them.

The PW8 will wipe the floor with all of the above, it is however tunerless so you need to have freeview, sky or cable but most people have one of these anyway. And there are no speakers so you would have to use your surround system, if you havent got one you could add teh speakers for a couple of hundred quid or buy an all-in-one system for about the same money.

if you could stretch to £2100 you could get the 43phd8, this is without doubt the best 42" digital dispay available at the momentt, very analogue like with nice deep blacks.
However it won't be that much better than the PW8 unless you have your nose up at the screen, one thing you do get with the PHD8 is excellent graduation between colours that make banding virtually non existent.

tim k

no contest pd7200 or phd8. you REALLY have to take a minute and think to yourself "ooh, im spending 1.5k on a tv" maybe i should up the budget and get a good quality screen with very few reported problems. of course any tv you buy this year is going to lose half its value in 12months of ownership, but if you want to experience crystal clear pictures like looking into a mirror or a window (like i am using american sourced HDTV pilots inc. Lost Season 2, and various other great shows) then id go with the above advice.


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I think that is exactly how you have to look at things. I fancied an Audi S4 cabriolet back in the spring, but after searching for a few I ended up buying a 3.0 one instead, it was OK but not something I really enjoyed, so 6 months later I sold it. I should have bought the best one in the first place, I knew that even before I drove away in the 3.0!

Buy the best now and pay a little more, otherwise you will only loose loads in 6 months when you sell it to get soemthing that doesn't annoy you everytime you use it.


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matrixsc said:
Thanks for the info people . The panasonic PW8 isn't HD ready though???

It is HD compatible and gives a fantasic image, I would take it personally over every model you have listed.
The amount of pixelss is the last thing that makes a good screen, you need to get the rest right first, and unfortunately most brands don't.

It will display all the HD formats and display them well.


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I can't find any links to the Panny PW8 any where could you give me some please. Also whats the price of it as i'm on a very tight budget :(
From what you say it seems a ideal plasma for what i'm looking for.
Just as long as it's HD ready as i can't afford to go out and buy another once i get one.


***EDIT ***

uhmm this could be it

Way to expensive for me £2400 if thats the right one?

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