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Advice on what TV to shop for.. (serious noob (but enthusiastic))


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A lot of people on here have narrowed down to some options, even going as far as having a shortlist of 2. I have absolutely no idea.

If i tell you what I want it to do, could you please advise me?

Thanks in anticipation..

1.) Mainly watching SkyHD - got all the channels and the missus' loves Walking Dead etc. I love watching live sport - rugby/football/tennis/boxing - all of it really.. Need it to have a cracking picture - stating the obvious i guess??

2.) I play quite a bit Xbox1 so need this considered - i play off headphones usually so sound, outside of the TV program arena, isn't so much an issue..

3.) I am certain to buy SkyQ and all its trappings once its released - 4k or UHD - need panel to be mildly 'future-proofed' - although i appreciate this is nearly an impossibility.

4.) Large lounge area so we sit a good 10 foot away - a nice big panel would be a lovely treat

5.) Sturdy - mad dog (spaniel) and a 1yr old mean that the panel need not be made out of paper mache

6.) Sleek - If i mess up the feng shui, the missus will cut me.

Thank you ever so much

ps.) I would love any option but Panasonic by me are doing 0% (just saying)



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Yeah perhaps i was leaving the goal posts wide but that's only because I don't have a clue where to start.

Firms are releasing LCD/LED/4k/OLED models, all with product names with just a letter or two difference and I'm not really understanding it all.

Just wanted someone to say "this is a top TV, it hits all your requirements and it's called... Xxxx"



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maybe this site will help

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