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Hey guys,

Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section for some reason because it's not a direct question relating to just the iPhone; more to do with O2 themselves.

Anyway, to my point: my contract was up a few months ago and I haven't phoned up to upgrade, so I've just been letting it roll on, waiting to see what phones came out, etc. My N95 8GB died the other day and at the moment I'm using my old phone I had before that. I've decided that the iPhone 3GS is right for me and I've been looking around on the O2 website and I'm looking at the 18 month, £35 a month deal for the 16GB 3GS which is about £160 itself. I was initially looking at the £30 a month one, but for the extra fiver I may as well pay that and get the extra minutes and calls.

Before I order it though, I was wondering what the chances were of me trying to haggle a deal with O2? Obviously I'm not expecting a free iPhone or whatever. I'm quite happy to pay the £160 for the phone, but I was just wondering if anybody else had had success when upgrading and got a better deal, whether it's a few quid knocked off the price of the phone or a couple of quid knocked off the tariff. I'm not really bothered about haggling them for extra minutes and texts because what I get is more than enough for me anyway. I was just looking to try and get a few pound knocked off either the phone or the tariff.

I know the iPhone is coming out on Orange within the next month or so, which I'm tempted to hang on and see what they have to offer. My only problem here is that Orange isn't the best round here in terms of signal. I was with Orange a few years ago and had trouble getting a signal and my brother had trouble last time he came round trying to get one too. He ended up having to drive down the road to get a signal.

So yeah, has anybody had success in haggling a better deal out of O2 for the iPhone? If so, any tips on what I could say when I phone up? As I said though, I don't mind paying the £160 for the phone, but if I could get it a bit cheaper or the tariff lowered by a few quid or something then that would just be a bonus.

Thanks to anyone that replies.


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You wont get any deal out of O2 at the moment, end of story.

Wait until its out on Orange and maybe, just maybe the situation will change...


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Ah ok, cheers mate.

I have another question... which is going to make me sound really dumb I know, but I've never used a wireless phone before, so I don't know about the charges.

With the iPhone you get 'unlimited' data and wi-fi usage. I looked at the small print under data wi-fi and it says:

'Data usage whilst roaming not included. Unlimited Wi-Fi is available at any of the 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots from our partners The Cloud and BT Openzone. Excessive usage policy applies.'

I can use my iPhone on my own wireless can't I and not be charged, or can you only use it without being charged in these hot spot places? :suicide:

Sorry for the thick/newbie question, but I've never used wireless on a phone, so I don't know if they charge you or not even if using your own wireless connection.


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Ah ok mate, cheers. Thought I'd ask before hand anyway because knowing my luck I'd get it and get carried away downloading apps and stuff on my own wireless and not realise they charged, haha.

I have an iPod Touch which I use on my wireless, but I wasn't sure if somehow they charged when you were using your own wireless and that.

Cheers again.


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You can use Quidco with someone (cant remember who) and get money back :smashin: - have been doing £60 cashback through Quidco. Mine is just being paid into my bank account now. Takes about 2 months in total to get the cashback.

Some people appear to be very scathing of them, all I can say is that I got my phone through and got my cashback :thumbsup:


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Might be worth considering a PAYG via Quidco, and changing to a Simplicity tariff...Overall cost of ownership over 18mths is the same, but you get more for your money on Simplicity I believe, plus if a new iPhone comes out next June, you can flog the PAYG or change networks without being tied in.



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I'd pick up a 2nd hand 3G, move onto a 30 day notice sim only and committ to a contract when the new phone is out next summer.

Or (if you're happy with a 3GS) until post-xmas when some price competition might kick in after the intial rush

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