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I have been looking into getting a hi fi now for some time I have a budget of about £1,200 I have found the speakers I would like (dali zensor 7) I would like a amp and CD player to go along with those speakers and I would like to an a vinyl deck to it in the future. If anyone has any advice I’d be very grateful I’m open to hear thoughts on different floor standing speakers.


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Zensor 7 - £499
Yamaha AS701 - £479
Yamaha CDS300 - £199


All Richer Sounds.


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Just so we are clear - STEREO? Right?

Dali Zensor 7 are currently £500/pr which is an excellent price as they are typically £730/pr. That leaves about £800 for the Amp/Receiver and CD Player.

Dali Zensor 7 Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

At this point we have to set priorities. Most often I would recommend Amp and CD at a similar price. So, in this case, about £400 each.

But the Yamaha RN802 Network Receiver, 100w/ch, DAB/DAB+, Network Streaming 2xDAC, Room EQ, Full Bass Management is about £570.

Yamaha R-N803D Network Amplifier

That leaves only £230 for the CD Player. Now you can get a decent CD Player for that kind of money, or just a bit more.

The Yamaha CD-S300 is about £200.

Yamaha CDS300 CD Player

The Yamaha CD-S700 CD Player is about £400 -

Yamaha CD-S700 CD Player

Of course, plenty of other CD Players to choose from -

CD & SACD Players - Separates - Hi-Fi

Here is a B-Stock Yamaha CD-S700 CD Player for £250 -

Manufacturer Refurbished - Yamaha CD-S700 - Black - S/N: 97932

Likely this is a One-Off (one of a kind), though possible they may have more than one.

This Onkyo and this Marantz are also worth checking out -

Onkyo C-7030

Marantz CD6006 UK Edition

The Marantz CD6006-UK has a pretty solid reputation as a CD Player.

Keep in mind that most BluRay players will also play CD. Though with the lower cost models, you will not have Analog connections so you will have to use Digital. Which is fine because the Yamaha RN803 has 2xOptical, 2xCoaxial, and 1xUSB-Media inputs.

If you will use this for movie watching, and if you will have a BluRay Player, then that can double as a CD. If you are satisfied - fine. But later if you feel you need more, then you can buy a CD within your new budget.

£500/pr = Dali Zensor 7
£570/ea = Yamaha RN803 Network Receiver
£285/ea = Marantz CD6006-UK CD Player
£1355 = Total

Not exactly right on, but close to your budget

£500/pr = Dali Zensor 7
£570/ea = Yamaha RN803 Network Receiver
£200/ea = Yamaha CD-S300 CD Player
£1270 = Total

Which is very close to budget.

The Yamaha RN803 is stretching your budget, but that is a lot of amp with a lot of features.

There are other options, but give this some thought and see where it can be revised.



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Thank you Steve I could make do with just the amp and speakers and then wait a month or 2 to get a better CD player. Thank you again for the help

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