Advice on what signal to choose please?


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My mother in law's terrstial signal is pants! It often dropped out so, having been told in the past (on two occasions) that she cannot have a freeview box due to issues with protected trees blocking the signal path, she opted for a cheap sky deal. This finally meant a reasonable signal so she was able to record her soaps and watch 'em back on her old VHS recorder.

The recorder has finally died, she can no longer afford Sky, the switchover looms here in Yorkshire and she wants/needs to be able to watch TV and record as before.

Can anyone give me any suggestions as to a workable option(s)? :lease:


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Thanks for that. Seems a perfect solution.
Out of curiosity how much should she expect pay to upgrade to two cables from one from the LNU(?)?


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If she is over a certain age, she may be eligible for help under the switchover help scheme. In that case, she may only have to pay £40 for a Freeview aerial and box or satellite dish and basic SD Freesat tuner.

However, as she already has the dish, it s quite likely that the LNB is a "dual" so you possibly just need to run a second or twin cable from it. That is a fairly simple DIY job if you have easy access to the dish etc. As with most things these days, the cost will depend on the amount of labour involved.

The Humax Foxsat HDR will work using a "loop through" of the signal from one lead but will have restrictions on what you can watch while recording. You may still be able to find the older 320Gb model cheaply (I checked Richer Sounds in Sheffield and their site shows they are sold out but they should have the later 500Gb model) They should also be able to recommend a reputable installer for the extra wiring involved.

All Freesat + boxes are HD by the way. The quality will be considerably better than her old VHS (the same as watching live so no fussy tapes, blurred images and dropout). JoinFreesat maintain an up to date list of prices and models. Note that these are for the boxes only and do not include the cost of any guarantee extended past the Humax standard 2 years or other's which may be shorter- which severely disadvantages Richer Sounds who will price match anyway.

By the way, her Sky box will still receive after she ends her subscription but will not record even if she has a Sky+ box. If she has a second TV in another room, get the installer to fit a quad LNB and to run cables to the other location so she can use the redundant Sky box. Note that some channels (Five USA for example) are Free to View but are encrypted so only Sky boxes can decode them.

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