Advice on what 55" Samsung TV to buy


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Advice on what 55" Samsung TV to buy;

Hi, my 2015 49" Samsung TV is now beyond repair and I would appreciate some advice on what model to replace it with. I'm looking at the following Samsung Models;

QE 55Q95TC
QE 55Q70A
I know the last two are NEO QLED but they look very but yet there is a £100 price difference.


They are all LCD TVs, be them QLED, NEO QLED, whatever. The special names are just marketting, and describe the way the TVs backlight works.

The QN94A is probably your best bet, although it may be overpriced at the moment since its a new 2021 model, and TVs after being released are usually a lot more expensive.

The QN90A is a risk it could come with an IPS type panel, otherwise its the same TV.

What prices do you have for each TV? What was your old model?


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Hi, thanks for your prompt reply, my old TV was the F6400 model. The prices of the TV's I'm looking at are as follows;

QE 55Q95TC £1099
QE 55Q70A £1099
QE55QN90A £1399 with £200 cashback from Samsung
QE55QN94A £1499 with £200 cashback from Samsung and free Google Nest.
All come with 5 year Samsung 5 year guarantee

Has the QN94A got the VA panel?


QN94A should have a VA panel, its the QN90A which is supposed to be risky in that regard. Its the best option in your list despite being the most expensive. Shame that its just cashback though, eventually that will be knocked off the price completely.

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