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Hi Everyone, I have a couple of needs for a UPS, the first is at work, I have a desktop where everyone else has Laptops, this is due to the guts of the machine and 3 monitors to run a lot of test VMs I spin up and down for various work requirements, I have moaned for one, but may look like they can't be bothered and tell me to use a laptop.. I'll keep trying to work on them, but if not I may just have to buy my own. So low cost, but good enough to warn me and keep up during brief outages, maybe even to automatically shutdown if I'm not there (unannounced power off by the sparkies).

Second UPS requirement is at home, I'd like to put my Sky+HD box, PS4 and Xbox One on a UPS so I can use their "standby" mode without worrying they're going to die from a power cut, granted this one will be harder for USB/NIC communication for a "shutdown" (do Sky boxes even have the option to shut down? Haven't seen it in the menus, wish it had it, I hate pulling the plug on it when I have to), still would be nice in case, say they ever add support for an ethernet based UPS notification (Sony/Microsoft/Sky).

APC look good, but costly, I'd settle for a known make (Belkin I think used to do them?) but would have to be really good and functional with recommendations for a more unknown make.

I'll keep googling and looking, but thought I'd throw this out there and see what info I got back, thanks.


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I've heard good things about Tripp Lite and CyberPower but again in the same sort of price bracket as APC. Myself I've only had experience with APC and have never really had any problems to moan about.

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