Advice on upgrading projector (from a Sony VPL-HS10)


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I currently have a Sony VPL-HS10 projector. Im looking to upgrade because i want something quieter, maybe a bit smaller, but most importantly, a longer throw distance.

My screen is approx. 80inches wide and i have the projector about 5m away from the screen. as a result, the image overlaps by a few inches. I want to be able to move the projector to the back of the room, putting the projector about 8m away from the screen. I did consider getting the long throw lens for it, but considering the bad points about the projector listed above (plus lens is £300 on ebay) im opting to get a new one.

The sony has a "sideshot" feature which i am using at the moment since it cant be placed dead center unfortunately. The new one will also need to have this feature.

In regards to budget, im fairly open at the moment, but somewhere around £1,000 or lower is recommended.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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