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I currently have a wharfedale dvd750 but now want to upgrade.

i want a player around the £250 mark that:
must be quiet in operation
play multiregion/RCE
crisp and vivid sound and picture
play cdr/cdrw

was thinking about the tosh 420/520 and marantz 4200. I have a Toshiba 32Z17B with componet input, and a marantz 4200 receiver: which would match best?

does component really improve from rgb in this product/price range. are the tosh dvds/tv 'matched' for optimum performance or would other players from marantz or sony et al be better?

also what does "Dynamic Software firmware upgrade" mean? saw it as a feature on the tosh 420.

any helpful advice/suggestions would be appreciated,

I'm looking to upgrade my player and Toshiba was recommended to me, (just purchased a Tosh TV) picture quality being described as very very good via component and plays everything you throw at it, providing it has been modified (Multiregion, RCE etc).

Component is regarded as the best connection over RGB S-Video etc. Out of the mainstream players there are only a couple of manufacturers I think where the players are capable of connecting via component, Toshiba and Harman Kardon, Pioneer have just released the 656, to my knowledge this is the first player by Pioneer to have component outputs in this price range.

If it were me - I would go for the Toshiba, good compatibility with the TV, connect via component that would leave the RGB capable scart free to connect Sky or dig cable. Matching player > amp for sound, don't think this is an issue.

Firmware upgrades, as far as I know any future upgrade to your player e.g. if progressive scan becomes available for your player it is upgrade via a download, others may explain better.

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