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Hi, i have been with sky for over 10 years with one break for about 6 months. I have the sky mix package £19.50, which i watch with a sky HD box i purchased myself last year, and paired the card with sky. Even though sky know i have a HD box can i get get i HD box upgrade (install) , which i presume will mean a new contract for 12 months where i will have to pay the extra £10 subs . Any advice on the best way to do this would be apreciated. Thanks


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If you only have 1 cable to your box you just need to get an installer to fit another LNB and cable then phone sky and subscribe to the HD mix.


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Doubt if you can


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can i get get i HD box upgrade (install)

Of course you can. Anybody can. Sky will sell you a HD box, install it, and charge you for the HD Pack on that box, regardless of what Sky equipment you do or don't already have. And they will install a quad LNB on your dish as well, if that is what is required.

What it will cost you is another matter - you will probably be treated the same as any other existing customer who wants to purchase a HD box.

I already have a Sky HD box and a Sky+ box - and if I wanted to I could phone Sky and order another Sky HD box. It might cost me an arm and a leg to do it, but I could do it if I wanted to. And, if I decided that I wanted to keep running the two other boxes as well, Sky would either upgrade my quad LNB to an octo or fit me a second Sky dish as well. Of course they will - they won't sell you a box that you can't then use.
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Thanks , just wanted a bit of info before i made the call.

Yes. but don't forget to haggle

And if you don't get what you consider a good deal, decline (politely) and phone again at a different time of day and try a different operator

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