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I live in a house that has a living room with a TV over the fireplace in the corner of the room. Behind this TV are Audio Out Speaker ports in the wall, 5 speaker + and - and a Subwoofer. This goes through the wall into a closet in another room where a receiver should be. There are banana plug connectors out to the receiver from the wall. There are another set of plugs also to go from the receiver to the 5 speakers in the ceiling and a subwoofer. I am looking for the cheapest simplest way to get sound from the firestick to all 5 speakers and subwoofer. I know this is hard to hear for some, but I don't care if the sound is perfect. An ideal situation would be 5.1 surround sound but I would be fine with just stereo to all 5 speakers and a subwoofer. I don't need multiple inputs for radio, DVD, CD, blah blah blah like I used to. I simply need one input, my Amazon fire stick. I think the easiest setup would be something that can receive bluetooth from the firestick and transmit wired to 5 speakers and a subwoofer but everything I find is either a very expensive receiver that is complete overkill or a device that only provides a signal to 1 speaker. Is there anything that might fit my needs that I have not found?
Thank you in advance for any and all help
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You will need an AVR for what you require. They will accept Firesticks and can be set to 'All Channel Stereo' (Denon AVR) that will send a mirror image of a stereo sound to the surround speakers and use the subwoofer. All connected speakers will be active. An AVR is going to be the cheapest way of achieving what you want.

Stereo amps are not designed to run five speakers in the way you want and building a system to accommodate will be more expensive than a cheap entry level AVR.



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You could purchase an second hand AVR (sometimes they go for free in the for sale section) and connect it via optical out from your TV. An old AVR without HDMI would even do the job.

Fire stick will go directly into the TV and send the sound to the AVR via a optical cable. Speakers will need to be wired to the AVR.

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