Advice on top plate for speaker stands for Diamond 10.1


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Got the below speaker stands recently to use with 10.1s for my rears. Not sure of brand but they are cast iron, quite sturdy and online specs say can support 10kgs. The top is adjustable up to a maximum of 21cm and I believe you adjust it to fit the speaker. This would have worked perfectly with straight sides but due to the curved cabinet of the 10.1s I am not sure it would be a safe fit. Initial idea was to use an atacama 20 x 13 cm top plate but will have quite a bit of overhang as 13cm will need to support the 28cm depth of the 10.1

Whilst searching for a granite block for the sub, came across these granite placemats which seem to be a good enough replacement as a top plate. Also wondering whether using brackets [url="]like these (3rd pic)[/url] will be better in securing the 10.1 to the stand and would be more sturdier/safer than using blu tac to stick the speaker to the plate.

So my queries are:
A) anyone have these speaker stands and if so, how have you fixed the speaker?
B) would the use of the granite placemats be safer and sturdier (also sound dampening ?) than the atacama plates?
C) would the brackets be a better option and if so, where can I get a set in the UK?
D) another option?

Any thoughts/opinions will be most welcome.




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It is usual for the top plate of the stand to be smaller than the speaker so you will be fine with the Atacama plates. I have my speakers secured to my stands with blutack and they are solid (the stand will fall over before the speaker becomes detached) so do not worry about that either.
The 10.1 is a fairly large standmount so I would have probably gone with a non adjustable, multi legged stand like the Atacama Nexus instead of those to ensure a firm base so that the speakers can sound at their best. Those stands look more suited to a smaller satelite type of speaker to me.


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Thanks PSM1! I had been looking for Atacama stands on ebay and gumtree for some time now and it was during that search that I found these. The adjustable columns appealed to me as I wanted to check out the rears at a few different heights above ear level (currently have them on 55 cm sand filled stands which is very low compared to my listening position). These will most probably replaced by proper stands soon but just wanted to try them out for the time being.

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