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Hey guys, having used my first AV setup for some six months now, I feel the time is right to think about expanding the system...

SONY STR-DB790 receiver
Tannoy R2 fronts
NAD 521BEE CD player
SONY 930v DVD player

For the first few months I had the TV set into the corner, with the Tannoy flanking either side. This forced me to sit at the far corner of my bed, looking diagonally across the room. This wasn't ideal as I was forced to lower the db on the right; the speaker being physically closer.

Last month I rearranged the room to a more conventional layout, TV at the centre of the wall, with the speakers running parrallel in each corner. I can now sit anywhere on the bed and get an excellent soundstage, with great imagery...

While I am very pleased with my kit, and having got used to its qualities, I now realize that rear speakers (and perhaps a centre) would fill the room more, instead of being projected from one wall...

I know a sub would be recommended by the vast majority of users, and I will eventually buy one. In the meantime however, the R2's produce a reasonable amount of punch whilst also being musical.

I have been advised before on the centre, a Tannoy would give a good tonal match. The rears are another matter...

The rears will be placed 2-3 feet above the bed, mounted directly to the wall.

I am right to assume that the rear level is not that high? And if not, does the A: quality of the rears matter and B: quality of the cable matter?



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The rears should be at a height of about 1.8 meter above the floor, preferrably a meter or two behind the seating position. Too close is IMO irritating (had this in a temporary setup).
In a perfect setup all 5 speakers should be of the same make and type, but that's hardly possible (cost, placing etc.), so usually there is a need to compromise.
Thus the best advise is to stick to speakers of the same series, most manufacturers offer now several models, from bookshelf to floorstanders with matching centers and perhaps di/bipoles, too.
I would not compromise on the center so get the best center speaker of the Revolution series you can afford - if there is only one model then go for that; it would be difficult to find a better matching speaker somewhere else (exceptions to the rule may exist).

For the rears it is easier to compromise, but if you are into multi-channel audio it's best to get a match, too.
Start to look for alternatives from the same manufacturer first as you may find a cheaper model with the same or similar drive units.
If you prefer di/bipoles and you can't find them from your favorite brand then you have no choice to look elsewhere, an audition is recommended (as usual).

Have fun! :)


The rears height should be 60 cm from tweeter to ear level, Got this info from areply to one of my posts. Much better than floor standing rears.


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in my new lounge, the sofa is right against the back wall. I'm getting some Mission m5ds for the rear and was considering putting them on the side walls approx 2 ft from the back wall.

i think these can be turned upright and installed against the celling?


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Got 3 rear KEF eggs now on little consoles 50 cm above ear level right now.
As I am upgrading to Reference 203's + 202c as front speakers I just ordered Q4's as surrounds, discarding the use of a back center, but having all speakers as "large".
What exactly will be bad in the sound field if I just use these slim floorstanders as surrounds?
My wife was very happy when I announced removing the wall consoles...
Of course I could place the KEF's on concrete blocks (the tweeter is 80cm above the floor) but it would look rather funny...

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