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About a year ago i researched which tv, amp etc to go for. Well the decorating of the house has taken a little longer than expected but in a couple of months i should be ready to set everything up.

i'm assuming that over the last year there will have been new models brought out so thought i'd come on here for a bit of advice.

The set up was going to be :

TV - Pioneer PDP 506XDE
6.1 AV Amp - Denon AVR-2807
DVD player/recorder - Sony RDR-HXD910 (only need a dvd player now as i'll use sky+ to record anything)
Remote control - Logitech Harmony 895RF/IR
Front speakers - Anthony Gallo 3 x Duo
Rear speakers - Anthony Gallo 3 x A' Diva
Sub / bass speaker - Anthony Gallo – TR2

Any suggestions for improvements on this system would be appreciated.


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You haven't mentioned budget.
But the immediate one would be the 506. Unless you are wedded to the media box and easier to hide wiring the twin optical cable connection gives, then the 507 should be on the agenda.
But in all honesty, you've had to put off until now, a few more months (June/July) longer might be the best option, as you'll be able to see the latest additions from Panasonic and Pioneer and whether they might be a better investment.
If not, then the current ones will be cheaper again, which may help you spend more on other areas.
That said, the current deal on the Panasonic PH9, might be worth considering now. It's not likely to change until near the end of the year.

Speakers look a safe bet to stick with.
Remote - new Harmony 1000 looks a tad tasty. I've the 855, and it's alright. a bit of pain trying to use one handed whilst sat on a surface due to the underside design.
Another one to look at is
DVD - player or recorder (if you want to transfer/edit home movies to DVD) with HDMI output could prove useful. Don't worry about the upscaling aspect, a digital path from disc to display without any analog conversion should be a better solution than Component hook-up.
For AV amps, I've not spent any time looking at them whatsoever, so I'll leave that to others to pass opinion on. Denon's obviously a well respected brand, but if you like Pioneer panels, then maybe hooking up their DVD player/recorder for 1080p/24 playback of BR discs is a sensible approach. That then may also suggest their AV amps are worth looking into as well.

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