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Hi all, new to the forum, wondering if anyone's got any suggestions for essential upgrades to my system.

Here's what I've ended up with over the past few years, kind of by accident, rather than deliberately!

  • Bang and Olufsen Beocentre 9300, inherited from my grandma. 20years old and still beautiful to look at considering it has the form of a 'music centre'.
  • Band and Olufsen Beolab 8000 active speakers. Also 20yrs old and just timeless design. Words fail me trying to describe how beautiful these things are.
  • Sony PS3, rarely used for games, just as a media centre: playTV, iPlayer, etc
  • Beresford 7520 DAC
  • Pro-ject Essential record deck and Cambridge Audio 551P RIAA pre-amp

One area I could do with some advice on is what to do with cables. For the PS3 (TV, Movies, MP3 playback), I have an optical link to the DAC and use the fixed line-level output to the beocentre9300, which acts as a pre-amp. Then on to the mono-block amp'd beolab8000 speakers via the B&O supplied 'powerlink' speaker cables. As an alternate setup, I've found I can flick some hidden switches on the beolab speakers to allow each to take a single RCA-RCA link from the DAC's variable output, using some old Cambridge Audio 'Atlantic' 2m interconects I happened to have. I prefer the sound with this setup when watching blurays - perhaps slightly 'clearer' (that's the best audiophool bullsh*t description I can come up with.) I wonder if the £10 RCA to DIN cable for the DAC to beolab is letting down the other setup - any thoughts?

So what I'm after here is where I'd be best advised to spend some money here? Ditch the beolab and replaced with a multi-input pre-amp perhaps? Get an upgraded RCA-DIN cable? Is there any point in upgrading from the Cambridge Audio Atlantic cables? (I think these were the cheapest CA interconnects at Richer Sounds when I got them, an upgrade from crap ones I think.)

What I'm not after is all that nonsense about B&o gear not being real hifi. What a load of audiphool BS. I've heard enough systems / setups to know that it sounds very good in the grand scheme of things. Like makes-your-spine-tingle very good. Ok, it happened to cost ~4x the price of an equivalent performing ARCAM or NAD setup when new, but I don't think it was bought just for how it sounded.

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