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I'm gonna get a new set of surround speakers and sub for my HC setup - the question is what to go for...

I currently have:
Sony DVPN-705S DVD player
Yamaha HTR5540RDS AV amp
Yamaha NSP-220 speaker package
QED Silver Anniversary cable

Thinking about getting the Monitor Audio Bronze B2 av pack (B2's, Centre, BFX rears and ASW100 sub)


Acoustic Energy Evo 1 AV pack (Evo 1's, Centre, Compact rears, no sub)

Question is - the MA sub; is it any good? I could get the same speakers without the sub and put the money towards something else...

Would really appreciate your advice! Total budget is in the region of £750


Do you intend using your system for listening to music as well as watching movies? If so it would probably be better to mix and match the speakers as these packages are produced more for convenience, although its always a good idea to keep the fronts and centre speaker from the same manufacturer to ensure tonal balance as effects move across the front sound field. With a budget of around £750, i'd suggest splitting it between the speakers like this:

Front floorstanders: £300 - 350
Centre: £150 - 200
Rears: £100
Sub: £150 - 200

In terms of suggesting specific speakers, i'm not sure about the differences in quality between different manufacturers but i reallu think you should invest some time in getting the best speaker setup by mixing and matching.

By the way, whats the stereo performance like from your yamaha amp? I've got the newer rxv440 model and the stereo performance was really poor so i invested in a separate stereo amp. Was just wondering if it was just my model or a trait of yamaha's in general.

Anyway good luck with your search, let us know how you get on


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The system will be used for both music and movies - about 50:50% so stereo performance is pretty important.

Our living room is not so large (3m x 4m) so I think floorstanders may be too large...

Stereo performance from the amp is fine - to be fair I'm using my DVD player for CD duties (but digital connection used so Yammy's onboard DACs doing this business there) and those yamaha not exactly going to highlight any weakness in the amp!

If I could hook up a stereo amp into the yammy and speakers then I would, but mine doesn't seem to have preouts :thumbsdow

Ian J

We heard the Monitor Audio B2 speakers at the Bristol show this year and they didn't sound bad. To put it into context we had spent an hour listening to a variety of speakers costing from £900 per pair to £2,500 per pair and listened to the B2 afterwards which was hardly fair.

They sounded OK and would no doubt have sounded a lot better if we has started off with them


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any idea how they compare with the Acoustic Energy Evo 1's?

The main thing is how good the sub is - can't make my mind up as to whether or not to buy the MA's as a package with the ASW-100 thrown in, or fork out some more to get another sub (MJ Acoustics Pro 50 or the like)...


Evo 1's look better monitor audios have got a bit more involving sound.
Evo package of EVO3,EVO1,Centre and SUb can be had for less than £700
The sub in the package is good if not discrete.
The package you are looking at is about £550 with sub if I remember rightly.


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Acoustic Energy - £350 for Evo 1's, Centre and Compact

MA - £650 for B2's, Centre, BFX's and Sub

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