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Apr 28, 2002
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I recently bought the KEF eggs sub sat system On the wiring diagram it shows leads going into the sub from the front two speakers and then into the amp. Does this mean that the sub is being used as a power amp? Does this make a significant difference to the sound? When I had the speakers demoed at Sevenoaks he connected the sats directly to the amp.
Help appreciated in advance.
Connect all speakers into the amp. At least thats what I have done anyway. Probably depends on your amp though. If its a decent one that I think it should drive your speakers rather than a powered sub.
If you connect the L&R speakers via the sub, the sub doesn't do the amplification (except for itself - the bass). What is does do is filter bass from the L&R signals (ie acts as a crossover).

If your amp has a dedicated subwoofer output AND settings for speaker 'size' then the amp can do the filutering/crossover for you.

You can EITHER:

Connect the speakers directly to the amp, and the sub to the dedicated sub output on the amp, and, on the amp, set your speakers to 'small' (or whatever).


Connect the speakers via the sub, and , on the amp, set your speakers to 'large' (etc.)

Each will work and each will sound subtly different. You choose which you prefer.

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