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Advice on speakers and set up


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I need some advice from experts such as yourselves as to what speakers I should buy with my system i intend to get. Basically I'm getting:

  • Pioneer PDP LX5090
  • Onkyo tx-sr 607
  • Ideally (acoustic energy aelite 3) <<< these am hoping to add later.
I am having trouble finding a good set of speakers. The plan was because of money buy a good 5.1 surround sound system then add the Acoutic Energy Aelite 3 to make it 7.1 wheather thats good or not I don't know because am a bit of a Noob.

I'm looking to spend up to about £400 would like to spend a little less but if it's quality and recommended I could be pushed up to £500. any suggestions to a good set of speakers would be very welcome.

Thanks you in advance




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Ideally you would want all your speakers (except the sub) to be the same make. This ensures they are tonally matched and hence the sound will integrate well across the sound stage (i.e. the sound from all the speakers will blend together so you will not hear one particular speaker ot a change in sound as something moves from one side to the the other). You can mix and match speakers but this needs to be done carefully to ensure the tonal match (only really achievable by auditioning in your own home). The sub does not need to be the same make as it does not have a tonal sound. As a minimum the front 3 speakers should be matching as this is where most of the sound comes.
So from your question going Acoustic Energy for the 5 speakers would seem sensible although I suspect this could be out of your budget. A BK sub could save you some money instead of going for the AE sub. You could also go 2.1 for now and then add the other speakers as your budget allows i.e. go for Aelite 3s and a sub then add centre and rears (Aelites) a little later.

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