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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by jam_gol1, Oct 9, 2004.

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    I'm after some advice on how to complete my speaker set-up. My current system consists of:
    Pioneer DVD-565A
    Pioneer VSX-912 AV Receiver
    KEF Q1's front speakers
    KEF Q9C centre speakers
    REL Quake Subwoofer

    I watch a mixture of DVD/listen to music and am looking forward to expanding my collection of SACD and DVD-A.

    I'm confused though as to the best speakers to complete my set-up. I want to stick to KEF, mainly for aesthetic reasons. The speakers I have sound good - and for both me and the other half look good.

    To complete the set-up I want 2 rears and 2 surround speakers. I don't like the KEF Q8S - the main designer must have been horrified when he came back off his holidays to find the apprentice had been allowed to complete their design! I have heard them and although they sound good - am not prepared to spend money on something that just doesn't match.

    That leaves me with a choice of either Q2DS, Q1 or Qcompact. I'm considering replacing my current Q1 with Q4 - and using my existing Q1's in a second room with the speaker A/B facility on the receiver.

    But what configuration is going to be best for both music and cinema?

    2xQ2DS for rear/2xQ2DS for surround
    2xQ1 for rear /2xQ2DS for surround
    2xQcompact for rear/2xQ2DS for surrond
    2xQ1 for rear/2xQ1 for surround

    or something else?

    Any opinions on the Q1's for front's compared to the various floorstanding alternatives?

    I'll get my local store to set the system up first so I can have a listen but any comments/tips would be much appreciated....

    thanks in advance for any assistance


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