Advice on sound setup with Pioneer plasma TV


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Hi all,

was wondering if one could get some added insights and recommendations from fellow enthusiasts here;

we recently purchased a 50" Pioneer 507XD for our living room - bought it 2nd hand and only as we went to pick it up did we realize those beasts come without speakers :rolleyes: lol

Initially we had it in the bed room for a bit, hooked up to Gigaworks S750 and with the Creative DDTS-100 decoder. Now the TV has moved down and we currently have a Pioneer amp (LX70) that takes the HDMI from the Tv box (comparable to SKY I guess, but we live in Sweden and it's called ComHem here - Humax HD box anyways) and DVD player and spits it out through HDMI output to TV. Sound through the amp, with QLN front and center speaker hooked up. The fronts are rather large floorstanders, the center is quite big too with double middle/bass registers.

I've been looking into the Pioneer side mounts/under mount as an option, but that would pretty much render the amp useless - also I tend to think that the amp paired to a set of decent speakers would do a better job of sound?
Problem is that the TV is hanging close to a door opening, so currently we have one of the floorstanders on one side of the TV, the other has to be moved to the far side of the door opening - so basically the front speakers are about 2 m to the side of the TV. With regular TV, most broadcasts are in Stereo so the center isn't really involved - I'm not using any Dolby tricks to have the amp split up the stereo signal (since I'm, quite frankly, horrible with such settings).

So well... what would you guys recommend? The main use will be TV watching, but there will probably be the occasional movie as well. Should I look into a 5.1 system with satellite speakers so that the fronts can be mounted close to the sides of the TV for stereo broadcasts? Or have them further aside and use the amp to split signal to 5.1? Any suggestions for speaker sets that would look nice with the piano black Pioneer look, and could be had for a max of, say, £500 (2nd hand would do perfectly fine!)?
Or go for a good quality sound bar?

Looking forward to replies!


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