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Guys, need a bit of help. Bought my house in september and the sky wire was running into the fireplace recess (i presume he had all his equip there) ive installed a log burner so i pulled the two sky wires back through. Problem is the are no were near long enough to run further down the outer wall and inside.

There is an existing ariel coming into the lounge in the top right of this picture and directly on the wall behind the sky cable is there also - could i replace this with the f-type connection wall plate run the sky cable to that and then extend from there internally? Would i loose picture quality? Im running a panny g10 42" plasma and not investing in sky for a while so dont want to compromise PQ.



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you shouldn't have a problem as long as you use good quality cable such as WF100 and good quality connections, no signal should be lost.
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