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I currently have a JVC SD TV with a JVC 5.1 system, both around three years old. I'm looking to upgrade the tv to a 32" Bravia which I have ordered from Richer Sounds. I want to wall mount this on a chimney and run the cables out the side to join to the amp, PS3, xbox 360 and virgin cable box.

I want to keep my existing 5.1 which has free standing speakers as I'm happy with it's performance. Richer Sounds are sending someone to take a look and quote me tomorrow but the guy on the phone said I would need a new amp as mine only has a component HDMI port, he said the cheapest would be £400 but would mean only one wire running to the TV.

Does anyone know if this is worth it? I wasn't budgetting on this and am now considering not mounting. Any suggestions or alternatives would be great.


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If you upgrade amp your probably going to need to change your speakers while a better amp would make it easier £4000 is alot more than the cables needed to connect you up without a new AMP.

SOny Bravia wouldn't be my choice of screen but not too worry. TOt he screen you need Aerial, Power and HDMI which ever way you go. Without a new AMP you will also need Scart for cable box and cable for 360 (HDMI if you can component if you cant the difference is 2 cables.

Note if you want to use the TV freeview and get sound from your 5.1 system then you'll need to include audio cables which ever route you choose.

IF you kept exisitng 5.11 system and later upgraded you have all the required cables in the wall anyway.

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