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Hi All
I am looking at going Green and cutting down on my electric bill by selling my Pioneer Kuro 500a , Pioneer LX08 and Pioneer SC-2022 and buying a Philips OLED 935 TV which will reduce my eletric bill, Issue is , I need to find a home foe at least the TV wchich comes with the side speakers.
I fully understand that its hard to find buyers now and you never get in £££s in what you want, Just wondered the best way to sell these days, Ebay the buyer has more protection and can tell ebay anything once he has the item at home to get a refund, Av classified which i have used can have fraudsters targeting certain adverts and also selling dodgy items (This applies to ebay and Face book) Then their is Facebook market place and gumtree.

Would be interesting to know peoples thoughts on selling their TV equipment



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Never had any issues on eBay. Make sure you only list the items when there is a £1 final value fee as this saves you a fair bit. Best if you lI’ve in or near large cities as more potential buyers closer to you. You can always list stuff for sale on here.


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I recenty sold a Graphics card on Ebay, It went for over £200 and before advertising , I was worried about the empty box scam where the buyer claims that i sent him a empty box or sent me a dud card back saying it was broken , So when listing, I stated , Only bidders with 15 or more positive feedbacks could bid and photos included part of the serial number just to try and protect myself with the parcel sent recorded delivery and signed for by the buyer, I hear about to many scams and you hear about them often, Ebay policy is to protect buyers and not the sellers..

Living in the north west UK, We do not have a big population, So its harder to find buyers to collect.


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I have sold TVs on Ebay and on AV Forums and hav had pretty good experiences on both.

Ebay reaches far more people and given it is a collection item (once lockdown is lifted) selling on Ebay is pretty safe. make sure that you sell on EBay when they have one of their frequent sell for £1 offers. (EBay have such an offer at the moment Sell for £1 Maximum Final Value Fee (22/01 - 25/01/2021) @ eBay - hotukdeals)

Otherwise Ebay charge you 10% of the final sale value.

AV Forums classifieds are pretty good here. Just be aware that you will often get questions from people asking you to go into the service menu to check hours used, show photos of various colour slides (looking for burn in) etc. - who then show zero interest in your TV.

BTW - replacing a plasma TV with an OLED is nowhere near as environmentally friendly as keeping your existing TV. :)

If you watch your Pioneer TV for 5 hours a day then total annual energy usage will be around 700kw hours - which will cost you around £100 per year. A 55" OLED will use around 200 kwh costing a round £25 - so a saving of around £75 per year. Scale that by how much you actually use the set - for example if you watch TV for 2.5 hrs a day then the annual saving will be around £38


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Thank you for your really good post GadgetObsessed regards power usage.
The Kuro is stating that it uses 400W, My Receiver is using 300 w plus anything else that i am connecting to it.

I need to make my mind up on Which Philips TV i will Buy , If i go for the 48 or the 55 OLED935 with the B&W from speaker, Will this do away with the need of a Receiver? I mainly watch Media Via Youtube, Music concerts and other media.

Regards Ebay, Yes agree the £1 listing is good, I used it last week and saved £22

With the Kuro500a, I dont want to throw it out , i bought it brand new and it was a present to myself.

Anyways , Thank you for your help, All this research is good during this Covid period.


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