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Answered Advice on selling AMP, Sub and Speakers


Novice Member
Hi all,

I'm new to the forums here and just wanted some advice on selling my Denon AVR-1909, Jamo Surround Sound System and Sub (A102HCS5).

Do any of you know how much these pieces are worth? I've tried to look around a few different places and keep getting a mixed price range.

Any help would be great, thank you in advance all.



Well-known Member
Hi Nikj,

It's a little difficult to give exact pricing as a lot will depend on the condition of the things you want to sell.

I would probably look at somewhere like Richer Sounds and see how much an equivalent model would be new. The What Hifi review says it was tested at £300 albeit quite a few years ago. The Stuff review had it at £250.

So in the case of the Jamo setup I would think it is similar to this JBL setup:

JBL CINEMA 510Black 5.1 Speaker Package

In which case you would need to price it competitively to dissuade someone going for the above. RS has a all-in-one Denon package at £150 and I think you would definitely need to price below this too. And this is assuming it is in mint condition - if it's not then you would need to knock more off the price.

It would be worth looking at popular auction sites to see what similar systems are being listed at. Also the classified section on these forums might be worth a go although having had a quick look I couldn't see anything atm.

From what I can tell the Denon 1909 receiver was a £500 receiver back when it was released. It seems to have HDMI inputs and at least an output? Assuming it works with things like Sky HD and other FHD sources and it says that it decodes the lossless soundtracks (minus Atmos / DTS:X) then it should be worth about £50 or so. Again, assuming in good or very good condition.

Potentially list both combined (I assume you want to sell them as a package) for £125 to £175. That's a best guess on my part though. In this day of soundbars selling a full system to somebody in this price range can be difficult. Most people will either go for a soundbar as it looks neat or, if they do want to go for a full system, is likely to be prepared to splash out the £1,000 or so to get themselves something over and above what a soundbar will achieve. I expect your potential customer pool to be rather small and hence reflected in my price guesstimate.

However I wish you very good luck with your sale. :)

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