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I've recently mounted a new 2.35 screen and ceiling mounted my AX3000 projector. At the same time I painted the room in darker colours (which made a massive difference). I'm happy with the results so far but there is quite a lot more to do. Ideally I'd like some ideas on a couple of issues. For any suggestions please bare in mind that the current furniture (including the wooden tables) will be going and where the sofas currently are will be replaced by a corner sofa....

- Where and how can I mount the speakers? I love the M&K speakers paired with the SVS Ultra sub but the sub can't really sit anywhere apart from at the back of the room. The real issue is the front speakers - I want them on each side of the screen but because of the door opening inwards it doesn't seem possible. Smaller / flush speakers would be easier to work with, but I like the MK's...

- I need an AV cabinet-type housing to house my Xbox and Sony ES amp. Any suggests for something discreet that would match my room? Ideally with a door so I can shut out the the noise of the xbox...

- Lighting: At the moment we have eco-type downlighters which are very bright but you can't dim them. Would like some stylish ideas for additional lighting that I can control remotely.

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Love the room mate. The colours look great. As for the front speakers, wouldn't re-hanging the door to open outward instead of inward solve the issue and allow you to keep your existing speakers as well.

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