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Hi all,

Am in the process of updating my extremely budget, 5 year old surround system.

After recently visiting someone with the kef 205 speaker set, and bring impressed I have decided to go for one of the bundles offered by some retailers, where the receivers are apparently heavily discounted.

I'm am just unsure as to what receiver. I think I have narrowed it down to 2.

Marantz SR6012 AV

It will mainly be used for sky q and movies.

Initially it will be 5.1, but with every intention of going atmos, possible with the addition of upward speakers rather than ceiling speakers.

Really after opinions of the receivers or, if there are better in the price range.

Many thanks


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THe Marantz is a higher tier product when compared to the Sony. Do you want a 9 channel receiver which the SR6012 is? The Marantz also include 11 channel processing so it can also potentially do the processing for a 7.1.4 Atmos setup if you add 2 additional channels of external amplification. The Sony is limited to a 5.1.2 Atmos configuration max.

A more comparably receiver to the Sony would be the Denon AVRX2400 or the AVRX3400 if yu want slighly better power and version of Audyssey's room EQ correction than that included with the X2400. These 2 and the Sony are 7 channel AV receivers while the SR6012 is a 9 channel receiver.


The Marantz, or Denons from the 3400 up also have pre-outs should you wish to take onboard power or stereo amps. The Sony does not have this facility.


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Many thanks for the response.

I Iike the idea of 7.1.4 but realistically my room size isn't that great for it (open plan).

5.1.2 is probally more suited, did like the idea of surround and rear speakers but they would be in an alcove as big as the sofa so not really suited.

I like the look of the sony but the denon AVRX3400
has more features, is it worth £150 more?

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