Advice on receiver please (Kenwood KRF-V7050D)


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Feb 2, 2004
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Hi all,

My first foray into surround was about 5 years ago with a Yamaha amp and a cheap and nasty budget speaker system. To be honest, the sound was terrible and the system was rarely used.

5 years down the line I have decided it is time to try again :)

Sometime in the next few years we are planning a house move. At the moment we have our first child on the way (due Feb) so we would rather wait until she is a few years old before we move. One of the requirements of the next house will be, however, a dedicated room to be used for a home theatre (depending on how much money I need to put in the "Daddy, I want a pony/porsche" fund!) :)

At the moment all I have is a living room who's layout isn't perfect for AV. We do have a huge dining room that is of the perfect size and proportions but my wife isn't budging and would rather keep the very expensive and very unused dining table on show in pristine condition! lol!

With this in mind, I want a system that will be good enough to last for the next few years with a total upgrade/replacement in mind maybe 3 or 4 years down the line.

Main sources will be a HTPC (coaxial SPDIF) & Sky-HD (optical SPDIF).

I have just purchased a KEF 1005.1 system from another member on here (5 "eggs" and 1 sub). I am about to purchase some QED silver micro cable from a different member on here! (The classifieds are great :) ).

So far, the speakers and cable seem to be ok (from what I have read).

Now... the receiver! I have purchased a (very well kept) Kenwood KRF-V7050D from a well known auction site. Link to specs HERE

This is an old (2001ish) receiver but it is in excellent condition. I guess my question is, will it cut the mustard? I have seen lots of newer receivers at around the £100 mark second hand. I realise that they *will* be better but will I actually notice an appreciable difference in real world "sitting on the sofa" listenting terms?? If so, what would be different?
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I just upgraded from a Kenwood KVF-V5050D after 7 years and it was an excellent amp. So on that the KVF-V7050D should be better as it's a higher model. Well thats my logic.
Thanks for the reply burnsyhboy. I have set my system up. Not tried any DD 5.1 yet, just a few TV shows in Pro-Logic. Even in Pro Logic the sound is great. I can't wait to try DD or DTS! :)

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