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Ok this may seem long winded - however I have a couple of questions about Pre/Pros and bass management, specifically about the Arcam AV9.

I have an Arcam AV9 (non lossless codecs) - pre/pro. I am going to be using my new Synology NAS (1813+) and the Dune HD Duo to rip my entire movie collection to the 24TB of HDD space that is in the NAS.

The Dune HD DUO has 7.1 channel analog outs, however I couldn't find any bass management options within the menus. I was planning on using these with the Arcam AV9s multichannel analog in's in order to get the lossless codecs.

However I am unsure whether the AV9 - has bass management for its inputs or not? Can anyone point me in the right direction.

While I appreciate the AV9 is old now - should I continue to use this if I want the lossless codecs - or should I bite the bullet and get a Pre/Pro that can accept Bitstream/LPCM over HDMI?

I would try this myself however everything is currently packed for my upcoming move! But would be great to hear with others that have legacy components.

If people recommend moving away from the AV9 , please can you help with suitable alternatives - I have been thinking of an Emotiva UMC-200, Audiolab 8000ap etc.

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the manual says (page E-7)

The AV9 switches these analogue inputs directly to the analogue outputs via its volume control circuit.

i.e. no bass management or any other kind of DSP applied

If the Dune has no bass management then you're out of luck I'm afraid. If you don't want to replace the prepro, have you considered replacing the dune with an HTPC instead? I use jriver, it's a v powerful piece of software for a serious av/music setup.
Most likely be straight bypass, just going through volume control. One pre I know that can digitise and process the multi-channel input is the Lexicon MC-12


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Hi, in regards to hdmi vs analogue, whilst i believe analogue can produce wonderful results especially with a highish end source unit it can also introduce issues that are difficult to eliminate due to their inherent lack of flexibility.

Of the avps you mention including the av9, i would say hands down the 8000ap is best of the bunch. I beleive there is one in the classifieds last i looked and for the price (even new) nothing comes close to its sound quality. I would grab one whilst you still can and not look back.


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Thanks for the help guys! Indeed it is looking like a change in Pre/Pro.

A HTPC would be too costly at present, and the dune does a good enough job using Zappiti.

I do have a question MISSON - looking at the Audiolab 8000ap, I notice it doesn't have a trigger output. I would need this to trigger my P7.

Would you happen to know of a work around here? I have seen people use smart power strips - with the power amp plugged into this.

Belkin Energy Saving Smart AV Power Strip: Computers & Accessories

But of course not sure if this is safe, - I have my P7 power amp plugged directly into a wall socket.

Cheers! :)


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Sorry mate, never had the urge to investigate although I do understand the convenience of a trigger output. For me it was a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things when sound quality was my main focus. For reference I'm using 5 P1 monoblocks and don't mind powering them up/down individually


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When you say bass management is it the .1 (ie the sub) you want to control? if so I'd keep the AV9 (I think they are rather good) and consider an antimode 8033.

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