Advice on PJ upgrade. Epson TW-7000? BenQ TK800m? Other suggestions?


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I currently have an Epson TW-3200 that has given 10 years' reliable service. It is set up in our main living room, with north facing windows that have no blinds (and blinds would be very complicated to fit). After dark it is great, but daytime viewing on a sunny day doesn't really work. Until now we have had separate TV elsewhere in the house for those occasions, but I am considering an upgrade to a brighter projector that makes daytime viewing more possible - and to take advantage of other advances over the last 10 years. A budget of £1000 is straightforward; £1500 is possible if it gets me something considerably better.

My initial investigation suggested the BenQ TK800m or TK850 as the obvious choices. But measuring up I don't think the throw ratio works, and I am concerned about the lack of lens shift. The current projector is ceiling mounted at the back of the room, and the front of the lens if 4.3m from the screen (which is just a painted white wall). The wall has exactly 250m between the two wall-mounted speakers, so this is the max screen width The zoom and lens shift on the TW-3200 means I have it set up to exactly fill the available space. The BenQs will both make the picture too big at that screen distance and offer very little adjustment. Of course I could move the speakers further apart, or move the ceiling mount, but everything was wired in nicely when the house was rewired and that could turn in to a big job.

Enter the Epson TW-7000, which has all the zoom and lens shift flexibility of my current PJ, and is (spec-wise) the same brightness at the TK800m. But it doesn't seem to get quite the rave reviews of the BenQs .

So here are my questions:

- Will the upgrade give me the improvement in daytime viewing I am expecting?
- Is the BenQ TK800m enough better than the TW-7000 to justify reconfiguring my room?
- Are there any other models I should be considering at the £1000 price point?
- What about if I up my budget to £1500 or even £2000?



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OK so I have ordered the TW7000 and will report back. Anyone interested buying my TW3200?

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