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Advice on Orb Audio Mod2 please

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by cad1690, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. cad1690


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    I am considering buying some Orb Mod 2's - anybody got a view on them and/or recommendations for a sub to go with them - or suggestions for anything better please to go with a Sonos
    Many thanks
  2. flexiondotorg

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    Nov 15, 2004
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    Hampshire, UK.
    Interestingly, I am also considering the Orb Mod2s. In fact, I am not considering anymore I will be buying them. I had an email exchange with Ethan at Orb Audio yesterday discussing sub-woofer options, I thought the MJ Acoustics Pro 50 would be a good match, here is his reply...

    "As for subwoofers, that MJA Pro 50 is definitely a good match. We have a lot of UK customers and here is the list of some subs that we've compiled so far that we know work well with our speakers. It is not an exclusive list, so let me know if there are others that you can get easily that you want me to take a look at. Generally, 200mm driver and 100-150 watts is what we are looking for, w/ a crossover that goes up to at least 150-160hz.

    Mordaunt-Short 308 or MS309
    KEF PSW2500
    Polk PSW 303
    MJ Acoustics Reference 100
    Monitor Audio Radius R360"

    He also mentioned the following...

    "we will be expanding our UK operations this year. We are actually re-designing our subwoofer to be multi-voltage and will begin shipping from within the UK by January 1, unless doing so would increase our prices too much, in which case we will continue to ship from here."

    If you have any other questions I suggest you contact them directly via the email address on their site, they are very quick to respond to questions and fully answer any queries. I have been very impressed with their help thus far.

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