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Advice on new subwoofer REL R205


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Hi there

I am faiurly new to this. Iam considering purchasing some PMC 'i' speakers as part of my new home cinema and I was also recommended to purchase a REL R205 Subwoofer to go with this. However the reviews on this site for the cost do not seem to make this an attracctive purchase. Does anyone else have any reccomendations?



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If you have the space for it, then I believe most people would recommend a BK Monolith over the REL, for less money as well.

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Rels are excellent subs. Build quality is excellent, and they are the most reliable sub money can buy IMO. They are also considered some of the most musical subs money can buy, but the problem round here is not how the perform its that they do cost money.

Compared to the likes of BK, the lower end models are giving similar performance for a fair bit less cash. For example a Rel T1 is around £550 (more than the cost of a Monolith), and the BK equivalent is their XLS 300 for just under £400.

It depends what you want and what your prepared to pay. Round here the majority seem to focus on value for money with the main focus on HT performance over music. I would say have a listen to a Rel first and see what you think. That said if your budget is £500 or under then a BK is probably your best option. Not least because they dont use dealerships so you can save a fair bit of cash, but they also do actually supply Rel with parts for their subs.

You cant listen to a BK sub though so you have to remember that, but there is plenty of extremely positive feedback on them so they are a very safe bet. You can listen to a Rel but there is more HT performance for the money available.

Not a definitive answer but I hope it helps.
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My personal opinion would be to look for something a little bigger than the Rel 205 to go with GB1s.

All of the PMC range do have phenominal bass response due to their transmission line design, but the bigger you go, particularly with home cinema, the bigger you want to go with the sub to underpin the already good bass with true "sub bass".

I'd be looking at something along the lines of the bigger Rels and as other posters have mentioned, the BK Monolith is a great alternative.

I have to say, as other posters have, that since Richard Lord sold Rel, I'd be more than a bit suspicious of their later offerings, but I may be doing them a disservice there...

I've got IB2s with a Rel Stentor3, and they're a brilliant match, but the Monoliths are great subs - a friend of mine has one in his cinema with Maudant Short floorstanders and it sounds great!


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