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Advice on new speakers MA-RX1


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Hi. I've got the option to buy a new set of Monitor Audio RX1's for £375 (£50 off the going rate) as an upgrade to my existing system, which is

PC -> Dacmagic -> CA640Av2 -> MS902i/Partington Super Dreads

I'm happy with what i've read about the RX1's but would appreciate any opinions on whether

1. It would make a good match for my amp

2. Would constitute the jaw dropping step up that i'm hoping for over my existing 5 star speakers

I listen to pretty much everything in equal measure. Classical, Rock, Ambient/Mellow, Blues, Folk, Ska.....

Demo'ing isn't really possible as it's only Sevenoaks that have them in the area and i've no intention of actually buying off them (there not the best price) and it would also mean lugging my amp into the store.

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Member 116841

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Sorry, I can't answer most of your questions as I'm not familiar with your speakers or amp! But just to say that the RX1's are cracking little speakers with a decent bass on them for their size, and built like tanks. They may need a little room to breathe and work well though - maybe a foot or so in some rooms.

Good luck :)

Ben Jammin

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They are a great speaker and will work great with the amp. They are very bassy though, which is good for me, not for everyone. I've not heard the MS602i's so can't compare. Rather than being significantly better in every aspect you may find they are much better in most ways, worse in some. Speakers are a funny thing. It's hard to get one which does everything


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Oops, just spotted the typo in my original message (now corrected). Current speakers are MS902i, which retailed for £150 at the time.

I've emailed the local Sevenoaks to see if they'll price match, at least that way I can audition them and perhaps compare with a set of B&W685's.

Thanks for the responses so far, the more opinions the merrier!
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