Advice on new pooter please.

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by o_drewster_o, Sep 11, 2007.

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    I need to replace the office/home computer and need some general advice. I've been trawling the net looking at various sites ebuyer, dell, novatech etc etc and I think I've settled on this puppy.

    Comes out at £229 ex vat onceyou take service and monitor off.

    I'm quite happy to build one myself, as previously i've built all my pooters but looking at the spec I can't even buy the bits for that price. The only issue is the vista basic. There's no option for vista home premuim. Should I phone Dell and haggle? Is basic ok or will I miss the premuim lark?

    I've also seen this at novatech
    It does come with a video card and as games arn't important a basic one will do. It's obviosly got no O.S. but I have windows XP home I can use. The upgrading to vista does have a certain appeal though.

    I don't need a monitor and have 2 hard drives to go in the thing. (Would that invalidate dells warranty?)

    Does anybody have any other suggestions i.e. offers, bundles, PC's that would do the trick.

    Apologies for all the bits and bobs but I've got many questions floating round my head.


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