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New to the forum here and hoping for some advice on a new AV setup for a kitchen/garage conversion I’m about to do.

Am looking to hookup a

Benq TK800M projector
Sapphire recessed ceiling screen
Sonos Amp
4 x Polk Audio RC80i ceiling speakers
Sky Q Box

Am not looking to spend a fortune on this setup... maybe £3Kish overall. Should say, none of this kit (other than Sky Q) is set in stone but looks to me to be a decent solution within my budget.

Main concern is any potential issues with splitting AV outputs to 2 separate devices from the Sky Q box. Am I likely to have issues with audio/video being out of sync?

Was planning to do this by -

Sky Q video to the projector via HDMI
Sky Q audio to the Sonos amp’s RCA inputs via an optical cable and DAC.

Hope this makes sense and probably have some terminology wrong. Just don’t want to order all kit in to find out they can’t talk to each other for some reason.



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What are you hoping to achieve by having 4 speakers on a 2 channel amp?

Have you listened to a similar in ceiling system for watching TV etc? Particularly in a dual stereo setup I can imagine it being a little odd seeing the person talking on screen but the voice coming from above you.

Never looked into the Sonos Amp but see they do a Optical to Sonos adapter and so no need to a separate DAC or being reliant on the DAC in the SkyQ box.


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The first thing I would say is what is your room size, seating plan and what are you trying to achieve. Is it a stereo solution which will play stereo sounds through four speakers or one that creates a true surround sound system. If its a true surround sound solution then do read below if you don't own one

An AVR (audio visual receiver) is the hub of your home cinema in the same way that your internet works with your broadband router. So without one of these, it can become very difficult to create exciting sound which moves around the room

Looking at something like Yamaha RX-V4A, Fisual HC65 LCR x3, Fisual IC65 x2 and a Wharfedale Diamond SW-150 subwoofer (Speaker Cable - Subwoofer Cable - HDMI Cable) should easily outperform what you have already selected for the audio. So do think hard about what you are hoping to achieve before purchasing

Hope that gives you an alternative audio idea to start with

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