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Advice on new build


Standard Member
Could do with a budget and what you are using the build for tbh.

As some of the parts seem strange choices, the X58 chipset and the 5900rpm drive.


Novice Member
My budget is about £900.

I use it mostly for gaming and watching movies. Also will be using it for video and sound editing.


Well-known Member
Maybe change to Sandy Bridge socket 1155, i5 2500k save yourself some cash as well


Well-known Member
No it would not, sandy bridge is the latest CPU architecture from Intel, so would use different motherboard, they use socket "1155" mobos, H67 version can use intergrated graphics and P67 version does not use intergrated graphics but is more high end eg. overclocking etc.
So if you want to use Sandy bridge you gotta switch the motherboard as well and probably the RAM as it runs dual channel so you would want 4 or 8GB but still DDR3


Standard Member
+1 Sweat.
Go for the i5-2500K with a P67 motherboard (Asus or Gigabyte get my vote, this can help)

He is also right about the RAM. 4 or 8 is important to have. My personal experience with RAM is that it's not worth investing in - go for something cheaper.

Instead of the GTX 550 Ti get a Radeon HD 6870. The price gap is pretty small but the performance gap can be as big as 24%.


Active Member
Hopefully your MOT bill will delay you just about long enough to see the new AMD bulldozers which will be as good as sandybridge for even cheaperr!! :)

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