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8 years ago i bought a whole new setup, and have been very happy with it.

I've just replaced my TV (LG OLED B7), and have SkyQ being installed Monday. I'm looking to replace my amplifier to have something a little more modern, support new features, but i have 2 young children, and really can't play movies like i used to (and don't have the time). I was looking at something like the Denon AVR-X2400H, but figured it was worth asking the question here.

My other components are the KEF 3005SE speakers, a blue-ray player which i haven't even turned on in the last 3 years (big Plex user) and an Xbox One for occasional gaming (very occasional).

Key features i think other than 4k and ARC for me are limited. I don't intend to move past the 5.1 setup anytime soon. I'd like to have the amp have Airplay for occasional music and WiFi connectivity, but i'm guessing everything these days will have this.

It will sit in an AV Cabinet, so aesthetics not that important, and all controlled with my Harmony Elite.

If my current Yamaha DSP-AX863SE amp could manage the 4k, i probably wouldn't change it at all :)

Any advice much appreciated, even if just to say that the Denon is a decent option. I don't mind spending money, but don't want to spend it unnecessarily.


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The AVRX2400 offers a lot for what you'd be paying for one, but would not be a comparable replacement for your current receiver. Your requirements can however be met utilising the AVRX2400. Other options would be the Sony STRDN1080 or Yamaha's RXV683.


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Thanks for the reply

When you say:
...would not be a comparable replacement for your current receiver. Your requirements can however be met utilising the AVRX2400. Other options would be the Sony STRDN1080 or Yamaha's RXV683.

You mean its not 'acoustically' as capable and hence wouldn't sound as good i assume?

My current receiver was by no means top end, but i did buy it at the time because it won product of the year in WhatHiFi, and it came well recommended in-store (Sevenoaks).

I wouldn't want to have a reduced audio quality, so i'll look at the other models you mention. Many thanks !!


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Yeah. You'd need to be looking at something like Yamaha's RXA1070 is wanting a receiver with similar acoustic merits. The AX863SE was a special edition model tuned for the UK market and was well regarded when it came to its audio qualities.

The other options I listed are simply comparable alternatives to the AVRX2400 and not better. You'd unfortunately have to spend more if wanting similar audio prowess from a newer receiver to that associated with your current receiver. Whether the additional tech you'd now get on the lower tier models would compensate for what you'd lose in terms of audio performance is something only you can determine?

You should also note that different brands of receiver have different signature sounds to them. A Denon receiver isn't going to sound like a Yamaha receiver and will be more laid back.


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Do you consider HD audio important? Ie, are you using this with your Plex...? I wasn’t sure if this was input into the existing AVR.

If not, is it possible to route your Sky Q direct to the TV? If this your only 4K source....

Then you can keep your AVR until you decide what features you really need.

I believe eARC might be of interest to you.

As with all thing, it is down to budget. A Denon 2400 would do everything you need and more. Always audition, though not always possible in your room with your speakers. But don’t rush this AVR decision.


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Excellent advice and much appreciated !!

I could indeed route SkyQ direct to the TV and simply have Optical connection back to my existing amp (I have those cables in the wall already, and ran a new 4k HDMI cable into the recently re-skimmed wall - should have ran 2).

For Plex, i do tend to use the higher quality HD audio, and must admit i haven't figured out yet if the LGI decodes those signals or can just pass through back to my amp, but DTSHD is something I do enjoy :)

In just this short amount of time i've also been privately directed to the Yamaha RX-A670, which i'm told will meet my needs and be somewhat bullet proof in terms of build quality and more comparable in terms of audio quality.

I'm not an audiophile, but i'd hate to buy something that sounded disappointing, and perhaps i've underestimated my current amp all these years. Sounding great has become expected perhaps rather than valued :)

Thanks again.


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You'd not be able to convey HD formats via S/PDIF optical. Optical is limited to SD 5.1 formats or just 2 channels of PCM data. What device would you be accessing HD audio formats via?

I'd not rate the A670 as being that much different to the cheaper RXV683 as far as its audio capabilities are concerned. You'd be paying more for the build than any improvement in audio.


Some points of the 2400 have already been covered. It's not going to be great with music, very few receivers are, but it does suit the nature of the 3005s. For a good few years I ran a Denon 2310 with the 3005s and they make good partners.


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A colleague of mine runs the 2400 with 3005's and I must say it sounds nice. I do not know much about your current avr so can only suggest maybe auditioning the 2400?? Take 2 of your eggs with you if you can. Whilst it's not your room, it should be able to give you some indication as to what it would sound like.

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