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Hopefully this will be the last bit of advice i will need. I have Dali Oberon 5 floorstanders and will have tomorrow a musical fidelity M2Si amp and also a nad PP4 phono stage. I want this to sound the best it can given my room constraints.

The speakers are 18 inches from the rear wall (Dalis recommend between 8 & 31 inches) and the left is 23 inches from side wall. They are 130cm apart woofer to woofer. I could get them maybe 150 but anymore and the left would be in an alcove. I sit 2.5m away from the speakers. I think ive set up as best i can but open to ideas.

With regards to the phono stage, there is a volume knob on it, would i just set that to max 0db and then control the volume from the amp? Ive never had a separate phono stage before.

In terms of getting music into the amp i have a few options, obviously the vinyl will be easy but for digital / streaming what would be best? Ill be running the M2Si in HT bypass from a denon X3600. I want the best sound, i use Tidal MQA Masters would be nice but not essential as there are not that many and or music from a NAS drive.

Ill be getting a Chromecast audio, do i optical that into the Denon nd let the DAC in the Denon do the processing and the amp the sound (i dont like the sound from the Denon, too flat and boring)

Line in from the CCA direct to the amp using the CCA DAC

Line into amp from my Hiby R6 music player (bit of a pain as would have to get up to change tracks / albums)

None of the above and spend even more money on an actual streamer?

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