Advice on my Home Cinema setup needed


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I have spent the past week searching the forums and reading many posts but non of them sem to answer specific questions I have about my proposed new setup. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction and give me some advice.

I recently purchased a Sony LCD 40" TV (KDL-V40A12U) which is mounted on a Stud wall, see pics below.


I had to strengthen the wall to make doubly sure the TV would be safe. So I used 9mm Ply attached to battens and the battens then attached to the Studs (see below)


The TV is quite stable and as I have the plasterboard off the other side (which is in the garage) it allows me to work with the wiring.

The Idea is to have all the AV equipment in a seperate cabinet and then route the wires through the stud wall. I will be using Euro Network fully loaded face plates found Here. The plan is to have the faceplates behind the unit (below) and then the corresponding faceplates beind the Tv and at the back of the room. This owuld give me a "no wires" appearance.



That's the plan anyway. However I need to figure out a) if the faceplate option is good enough for Audio and Video (including Component) and b) if it's gonna cost me a fortune.

I also plan not to have a scart connector faceplate but instead convert the scart signal from scart to phono and then back the other way behind the VT. I only plan on having one connection like this to the Tv an it connects my Amp to the TV (everything else bar the 360 is plugged into the Amp).

I've located some cable for the Audio side of things Here but I can't seem to find some decent priced cable for my Component cabling in the wall.

Is all the above a viable solution in your eyes? Bearing in mind I have a budget of around £100 just for cable would you go for some Copper Core OFC as above and what would your recommendation be for the Component cable?

The Wires for the rear of the room will be passing trough the cieling of the Living room and hence will be passing the power cables for the Ceiling light once only. Would this cause any major issue with signal?

Thanks for your help.


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I wish I had the easy access that you've got - my walls are solid granite!

I wouldn't bother with socketed faceplates. Just fit standard faceplates with large holes, and cut away the backboxes, to allow single cables to connect the TV to the amp, etc. Since you've got easy access to the back of the wall, just fit a removable panel when you reboard it. Straight cables will give better quality, and a removeable panel will allow for future upgrades.

For the surround speakers, use ordinary 1.5mm twin and earth mains cable. I've been using this for years, on various systems. Works a treat for effects channels. It's a touch bright for the fronts - OK for movies, not for music. Spend the money you save cabling the rears on better cable for the fronts.
Having the rear cables crossing the lighting loop isn't a problem. I've got mine running under the tiled floor, with electric underfloor heating, and I don't get any interference.
Crossing at right angles isn't a problem, anyway.


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Thanks for the advice. I've ordered some decent 355 strand OFC for the speakers and will still be using the wall mounts for those as the terminals are soldered. However I;ve ordered some faceplates with brushes on for the AV/Component cables to keep the quality to a maximum.

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