Advice on my first Media Streamer to connect to Projector in Home Cinema Room


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I'm a complete novice with streamers and on searches the best seem to be Nvidia Shield TV Pro and Apple TV.

I just want something that works and is not too complicated to use.

I'm thinking Nvidia and I know there are cheaper ones out there, but I want it to work smoothly, the added bonus of being able to play games in the cinema room would be great aswell.
I've not had a gaming console for many years.

I read somewhere about a previous version coming with a 'entertainment' pack or something along those lines which is not available with the latest version.
Not sure what all that means.

At the moment I rent Blu-ray movies from Cinema Paradiso but some of them are only available on DVD, these I want to stream in HD with lossless sound.

The other thing to think about is which streaming company I want to use because I know that some have better picture quality (and I guess audio) than others.

The film I wanted to watch was Pinocchio (2019) but was only available on DVD. I've noticed that it can be rented (streamed) from BFI and Curzon, aswell as Sky.


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For streaming games on the Shield the Nvidia GeForce Now service is the optimal choice, a subscription to GeForce Now is required but the upside is you still own the games if you stop using the service as you buy games via PC games store fronts to use on GeForce Now.

Amazon FireTV has its Luna service but this is limited to select countries.

AppleTV 4K has Apples own Arcade subscription service for "higher quality" games, this is not a cloud service the games run locally on the ATV.

Get an Xbox Series S controller and that can be paired to the Shield/ATV4K.

Never heard of an entertainment pack for the Shield, its a digital only set top box, maybe they meant past versions of the Shield that came with remote/game controller included.

Cant comment on stream quality from various services but to the best of my knowledge Apple iTunes has the largest collection of movies in HD/4K but I could be wrong.

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